An Eye For An Eye: An Action-Packed Political Thriller (Matthew Richter Thriller Series) (Volume 2)

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One by one the targets fall, until there is only one left. And now he’s out for revenge….

Save the President or save his lover? Two years ago, Secret Service Agent Matthew Richter faced the most difficult decision of his life, knowing that by saving the former, the latter would die. In the aftermath, he fled Washington and the agency that failed him. With wounds he’s certain will never heal, he seeks refuge behind a gun as the commander of an FBI SWAT team in New York. After a raid turns sour and Richter is sidelined, possibly for good, he is reluctantly drawn back to Washington by the man he once saved. 

When drug cartels threaten to topple the Mexican government and the violence begins to spill across the border, the President turns to Richter. One by one, cartel warehouses and tunnels are raided and their drug caches destroyed. One by one, their sprawling compounds and bank accounts are seized. One by one, drug lords are targeted and killed. One by one–all except, that is, for Pablo Guerrero, the ruthless head of the Sangre Negras cartel, who has only grown stronger as others have fallen.

When the hunt for Guerrero finally draws first blood, he unleashes a war no one is prepared for. Now Richter must stop him before it’s too late.

An Eye For An Eye is the intense action-packed sequel to In Sheep’s Clothing, L.D. Beyer’s gripping debut novel.An Eye for an Eye An Action Packed Political Thriller

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