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Benjamin Franklin: Man who build AMERICA


Kindle Edition

Jill Gooder (Author)

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Benjamin Franklin is the man who builds America, he had lots of trouble while growing up but nothing is able to shake his will. Although he born on time when revolutionary war influence at it’s peek. This book is his life journey as inventor to thinker, and how he shape America’s future so it can become a greatest nation in this world. How his life become ordinary to extra ordinary. His Journey form press to parliament. What make him inspire to contribute to the constitution? This book is quick guide that will tell you what make him become ordinary to extraordinary.
There is so much history about. Benjamin Franklin is one of the most beloved founding fathers in the United States. Maybe it was his famous twinkling eyes, or maybe it was his ease with people. Regardless, he embodied several characteristics that inevitably led to his success during his lifetime.

One can learn a lot from Benjamin here is some quality he has

1. He cultivated productive habits. Famously known for his 13 virtues, in which he organized a 13-week plan focusing on one of his thirteen virtues of temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity, and humility, Benjamin Franklin not only implemented important moral goals, but also found ways to hold himself accountable by marking his own progress.
2. He took risks-Ben Franklin was by no means a cautious man. Famously known for writing letters in the name of “Silence Goodall” while working at his brother’s print shop, he also ran away to Philadelphia after his brother began to abuse him, ultimately running a successful print store.
3. He was an early riser-Famously quoted saying, “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” Benjamin Franklin rose at 5 am every morning, asking himself the question “what good shall I do today?”
4. How to build a successful network – Ben Franklin made friends and business connections everywhere he went. Never a shy man, he had a way with people. Walter Isaacson, a biographer, says of Franklin: “he had a happy talent of being at ease in almost any company, from scrappy tradesmen to wealthy merchants…His most notable trait was his personal magnetism.” This personal magnetism was a huge asset to him in both his business and personal endeavors.
he think out side the box-Ben Franklin was definitely not one to think inside the box. He is quoted saying, “to create, we must first identify the problem, then offer the best solution possible.” To mention a few, some of his inventions and discoveries include
• The Franklin Stove
• The first library
• Electricity
• Lightning rod
• Glass harmonica
5. Know the value of time-From his daily hourly schedule to rising at 5 am every morning, Ben Franklin found ways to maximize his daily productivity. He is quoted saying: “Lose no time; be always employ’d in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.” In other words, make the best use of your time and find ways to prioritize, in order to produce your best work possible.
You will also learn about his early life and how he over come every obstacle he came in his life. There are a lot to learn about him you will also find his life history in this book some of the major turning point in his life like-:
• His early life struggle.
• What was his life in Philadelphia.
• What motivate him to his invention.
• Private and public life of Benjamin Franklin
• Franklin’s view on slavery.
• And much more….
There are so much to know about Benjamin I try my best to capture the essence of this great personality, in this book don’t miss the chance to know this amazing personality.

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