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Between You and Me

Author : Lisa Hall

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Ratings : 4.1 out of 5 stars ( 1,213 customer reviews )

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Few words About This Book

‘A gripping psychological thriller with a level of tension that will leave you breathless.’ – Tracy Book Lover

They say every marriage has its secrets.
But no one sees what happens behind closed doors.
And sometimes those doors should never be opened…

Sal and Charlie are married. They love each other. But they aren’t happy. Sal cannot leave, no matter what Charlie does – no matter how much it hurts.

What reviews are saying about Between You and Me

‘What a page turner! Compelling, chilling and an incredibly impressive debut.’ – Alexandra Brown

‘It’s certainly one of the best debuts I have read in a while, it’s compelling and shocking, and very cleverly crafted.’ – The Book Review Café

‘Hall packs a punch with this one and the ending left me gasping.’ – For the Love of Books

‘It is disturbing and chilling. It feels very real. And a quick mention for that twist! I did not see that coming AT ALL. I usually spot these things and I didn’t! Clever! Very clever!’ – Northern Crime Reviews

‘Between You And Me is that kind of book. The one that makes you feel like you’re there, you’re experiencing the emotions, the hurt, the pain.’ – Bibliophile Book Club

‘Lisa Hall has wrote a harrowing, disturbing and chilling novel which I couldn’t help but devourin a matter of days. She’s one of those authors you don’t see coming and BANG best seller, up there with the greatest crime writers like Stuart McBride and Lee Child. She’s one to watch.’ – Brunette Lifestyle


Customers Who Purchased & Their Reviews

Verified Purchase

Just finished this book about 4 minutes ago…. Fabulous book read it in a couple of sittings.
Need another one as good as this to read…. Didn’t guess the twist though, even though I knew there was one was not expecting that!
Verified Purchase

Sal and Charlie, a young married couple living with their daughter Maggie. To the outside world a perfect life, but behind closed doors a very different story. Charlie is abusive both mentally and physically towards Sal, and Sal is too frightened and ashamed to address the unspeakable situation to anybody for fear of the consequences.
This was a good read, albeit uncomfortable at times due to the content of the book. Although I guessed ‘The Twist’ from the onset and did feel it was sketchy in parts, have to say it was a page turner.
Verified Purchase

Best read for along time, even went back for a second read. I find this hard to describe without giving the plot away. It starts slowly and although I kept reading it seemed as though not that much was happening, then suddenly it hits and it’s like a wake-up call. Really clever writing and a touch of ‘Hitchcock’ about it. Well done for giving me that great surprising read.
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