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Body Language

Author : J. Wolf

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Read People’s Body Language to Succeed in Relationships, Your Career, and More!

All you ever wanted to know about the “hidden world” of Body Language…
With Body Language: Master the Art of Reading Anyone through Nonverbal Communication, you’ll learn to read the signals that people are giving each other all the time. This information is yours for the taking, even though many people aren’t even aware that it exists. Imagine the success you could have at your next job interview!
You can learn to read the many forms of body language in people’s hands, legs, eyes, and faces. This skill is especially useful if you’re interested in dating. Body Language: Master the Art of Reading Anyone through Nonverbal Communication guides you through the process of asking someone out, dating them, and reading their signals correctly in the bedroom.
This insightful book helps you decode body language, understand its complexity, and see the whole picture – there’s more to communication than just words. Body Language: Master the Art of Reading Anyone through Nonverbal Communication can even help you master cultural variations in body language to help you in business and travel!
You’ll also enjoy reading about “busted” body language myths!


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This is definitely a good book one can start reading if he/she wants to have a good foundation in understanding what body language is all about. It talks about the different body gestures that humans usually fail to notice that say a lot about them and the “real” messages behind those involuntary actions. Though, one person may vary from another depending on cultural influences and whatnot, it’s safe to say that the majority of the human population does fall into a category or two that is being discussed in this book. Myself included. Learning the art of body language is not a mandatory thing to do but one can surely be of an advantage, way ahead even, if he/she knows how to interact with someone who says one thing and does the opposite.

Verified Purchase

I really thought I would find this book interesting but I was sadly disappointed. The grammar is atrocious! Incorrect words were frequently used such as “cumulate” instead of “culminate” and “revise” instead of “review”. There were errors in every paragraph. How does that even happen? As for content, it was so basic as to be condescending. It was also sometimes contradictory. I don’t understand the 5 star reviews raving about how much was learned.
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