Borrow Free Audiobooks For Kindle And Fire: How To Download Free MP3 Audio Books From Public Libraries Through OverDrive

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The vast majority of public libraries in the U.S. will loan patrons audiobooks that you can download to your Kindle or Fire over the Internet. You will need a library card from your local library to borrow audiobooks through OverDrive, which is the electronic lending agent for over 11,000 public libraries in the U.S.. If you aren’t sure that audiobook lending through OverDrive is supported by your library, give the local branch a call and ask.

We illustrate the borrowing and download process in this eBook with dozens of illustrations that you can follow along with while installing the required PC software or Fire app, depending on which Amazon device you own. It’s also possible to borrow and listen to audiobook without owning either a Kindle or Fire, though it means listening to the books on your PC or laptop, unless you own a different playback device.

This eBook covers both the B&W eInk Kindles and the three generations of Fire tablets. While it may take you a little time to adjust to the OverDrive way of doing things, once you have the method down, you’ll find that borrowing audiobooks from the library is a breeze.

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