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Bring It (Sabel Security Thriller Book 2)

Seeley James (Author)

Price : Free

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Young and brash, Pia Sabel exposes a pedophile ring only to wind up tortured by the government. When sketchy veteran Jacob Stearne is assigned to save her, the results become unpredictable.

Pia Sabel expected a little recognition after she liberated a pedophile resort in Sri Lanka, not a State Department inquisition. Forced to play the deadliest game of her life, she finds molested children used in a new version of “enhanced interrogation tactics”. Putting herself in danger to save the innocent, her overconfidence leads to agonizing torment.

Sabel Agent Jacob Stearne and his team of decorated veterans have lived through warzone horrors but nothing could have prepared them for the ugly reality they uncover. Fending off accusations of treason and terrorism, Jacob unravels a network of ambitious appointees and black-budget contractors to discover who is responsible for some of the most horrific crimes against humanity.


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