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Christmas Recipes – Top 200 Christmas Recipes (25 Vegan, 25 Paleo, 25 Gluten Free, 25 Low Carb and 100 Traditional Recipes, Christmas Cookbook)


Jamie Stewart (Author)

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Total of 200 Recipes

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For many of us Christmas is a favorite holiday because it is filled with joy. Christmas spirit fills our hearts regardless of whether we are old and young. Everyone has their own way to set a holiday mood. There are a few common things that make a festive atmosphere, such as Christmas tree, decorative candles, garlands, upbeat music, Christmas ornaments, etc. However, where the largest part of Christmas Eve takes place? Around our family table, of course! From an early age, the festive food is very important for our Christmas spirit. Grandma’s mince pie, mom’s roasted turkey, dad’s eggnog, aunt’s plum pudding and so on, we all remember those flavors, aromas, and smells!

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