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Coach’s Slutty Wife – Kindle Edition

Title : Coach’s Slutty Wife 

Author : Anonymous , Locus Elm Press (Editor)

The smile of the blond-haired boy leapt into her mind. She remembered how his shyness had touched her. He obviously had felt embarrassed about the feelings that looking at her provoked. Her own excitement had embarrassed Martha then. But, looking back on it, she felt only the naked desire. She could imagine that such an untouched boy would be the perfect lover. He would do all the things she wished Frank would do, but knew he would never do.

Mrs Roy likes nothing more than making love, but she does wish her husband Frank was a bit more gentle… a bit more considerate. When she turns up at her husbands college to drop off his lunch Martha is more than a little taken aback at the sight of all those strapping hard bodies training circuits.

Two particular virile athletes stand out, Steve and Donny, and Martha, a new found licentiousness coursing through her, wastes know time in educating them in what a mature woman can do. And boy, do they get the ride of their life, in separate loin-pumping seductions, to rigorous menage-a-trois on the marital sofa as their Coach’s wanton wife loses herself front and back to every deed and device their dirty minds can imagine.



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