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Cold City Streets

LH Thomson (Author)

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Brian Featherstone’s money and power couldn’t protect him. In the depths of Edmonton’s winter, a killer leaves the oilman dead in a snowy residential neighborhood. Legal aid lawyer Jessica Harper’s client is found with the murder weapon, cash, and a drug-house full of reasons to be guilty. But Paul Sidney claims he is innocent, and swears that somewhere in the shadows of an urban jungle, the real killer lurks. An ex-athlete wants a better life for his kid than he had in Detroit; Harper is exorcising demons; the victim’s enemies want their pound of flesh. Did police jump the gun? Could a stock-market swindle play a part? Or is the accused playing Jessie for a fool? When an icy wind howls past the highrises, souls are out there seeking redemption — or maybe just survival — on the Cold City Streets.

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