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Dangerous Temptations: Temptations Series Book One: The Gallagher Family


Annie Jocoby (Author)

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4.7 out of 5 stars

Reeling from multiple tragedies, Serena Roberts is determined to start a new life in sunny California. And this time she’ll get it right. No men who are determined to hurt her. No destructive impulses.

Anybody is capable of murder… under the right circumstances.
Slade Bridgewell is rich, charismatic, devastatingly handsome — and accused of a brutal murder. The very last thing he needs is a beautiful houseguest who also happens to be an empath.An affair could ruin them both

As Serena and Slade become dangerously entwined, it quickly becomes apparent that nothing — and no one — is what they seem. Soon Serena is deeply entrenched in a torrid and sadistic affair with the one man who remains a mystery to her.But when it becomes obvious that Slade is capable of murder, she has to ask herself the ultimate question; Did he do it? And will he do it again?

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