Dog Joke Book by Charlie the Cavalier: (FREE Puppet Download Included!): Hilarious Jokes (Best Clean Joke Books for Kids) (Charlie the Cavalier Best Joke Books) (Charlie the Cavalier Joke Books 3)

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Charlie the Cavalier Books Presents Best Joke Books

100+ Child Friendly Dog Jokes for Kids!

Charlie the Cavalier is a family friendly dog that bring smiles to children’s faces. Charlie brings to you family friendly jokes to make kids and adults smile. Enjoy this book with the children in your life.

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•Great for Road Trips
•Read in Waiting Rooms
•Read Before nap time
•Read at bed time
•Great for a vacation

A few Jokes From This Funny Joke Book…

Question: What dog loves to take bubble baths?
Answer: A shampoodle!

Question: What do you call a litter of young dogs who have come in from the snow?
Answer: Slush puppies!

Question: What do you get if you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle and a rooster?
Answer: Cockerpoodledoo!

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For each Charlie the Cavalier and 50 Things to Know book that is sold (not including free days), 10 cents is given to teaching and learning. Go to to find out more.

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