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F-Booster Technique: Increase Your Facebook Reach BY 200%! (Social Media Marketing)

M. Umar Farooq (Author)

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F-Booster Technique


Increase Your Facebook Reach BY 200%!


Well, the F-Booster Technique is all about learning How to Optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns for NEWBIES! I’ve even seen some experienced Facebook Marketers NOT following these strategies that I’ve discussed in the e-book.

F-Booster Technique is for:


  • Small Business owners
  • Newbie Facebook Marketers
  • Who want to Increase ROI and Decrease Budget / Cost
  • So on…




  • More Sales
  • More Video Views
  • More Conversions
  • More Traffic
  • More Paid Reach
  • More Actions
  • LESS Budget Spent / Cost


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