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Fried Rice Recipes

Fried Rice Recipes: Unique fried rice dishes that you can cook at home easily

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Tom Chan (Author)

We all have tasted fried rice once or many times but how many people know that fried rice itself, is having a number of variations and there are many types of fried rice available in term of the preparation method or ingredients.
Fried rice is originated in Asia and every region in Asia has its own way and method of cooking this wonderful dish.

Here, in this book I have gathered some of the recipes that would tell the authentic and traditional ways of preparing various types of fried rice.

This “Asian Fried Rice Recipes” book contains 20 fried rice recipes including images, from different countries in Asia- some of them are very easy to make, some of them take a little more effort, some of them would snatch your soul with its appearance and texture, some them would drag your taste bud to taste once more time.

ASIAN FRIED RICE RECIPES (This Book Contains ….)



    1. Hokkien: Fujian Fried Rice


    1. Lap Cheong Fried Rice


    1. NasiGoreng: An Indonesian Delicacy


    1. Omurice: Japanese Omelet Rice


    1. Pineapple Fried Rice: A Thai Delight


    1. Sinangag: Garlic Fried Rice


    1. Yakimeshi: Cha Han fried rice


    1. Yeung Chow: Fried Rice


    1. Fried Rice with baked Cheese


    1. Kimchi Fried Rice


    1. Richman Fried Rice: Sea food


    1. Vegetarian Fried rice


    1. Chicken and Salty Fish Fried Rice


    1. Curry Fried Rice


    1. Golden Fried Rice


    1. Lobster Fried Rice


    1. Ying Yang rice: The Honeymoon Rice


    1. Conpoy and Egg white Fried rice


    1. ried Glutinous RiceF


    1. Szechuan Fried Rice

Here, in this book you will also find the history and origin of some fried rice recipes, which will complete the circle of enjoying the recipes. This book is an easy and complete guide to make numerous numbers of fried rice dishes. I assure you that you would enjoy the entertainment of making various fried rice recipes.


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