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Highlander’s Pride


Kindle Edition

Veronica Wilson (Author)

5.0 out of 5 stars

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True love beats everything or does it? Their hearths belong together, but everything else besides that is pointing to the contrary. Will they succeed?
A sensual power struggle in the Scottish Highlands — the rightful heir and the worthiest warrior.

Since the death of Aila Forsberg’s parents, their Pict tribe has languished without a true leader, caught between two suitable but stubborn young hopefuls: Aila herself, a smart and headstrong beauty with the strength and upbringing to rule; and Dagmar, a renowned hunter and fierce warrior who won’t back down an inch. One could hardly tell that they grew up side by side as friends.
With winter coming on, both Aila and Dagmar know that this state of affairs can’t be allowed to go on. Their people need a rightful ruler—or two.

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