Horror in the outskirt ( Thriller and mysteries suspence horror book)

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A thriller / horror book
Patrizia is a teenager with a goal: conquering the most handsome boy in the school, Fabio aspiring reporter and experienced footballer. Anyway, during her attempts to seduce him, she will discover together with him an upsetting secret, connected with some mysterious disappearances happened in her town.
Federico Calafati was born in Maglie (LE) on 29/06/1990. He awarded the diploma at Liceo Scientifico in Gallipoli and undertakes his career as a writer. In 2013, he debuts with the collection of short-stories “Storie di Soglia” (“Stories of Threshold,) and then in 2016 he continues with the novel “Sesso, erba e disastri vari” (“Sex, weed and various disasters”) and in 2017 with the horror story “La crepa nel buio” (“The crack in the darkness”).

“I like a lot of suspence in thriller books, and i was not disappointed reading this. It has a mixture of horror and mysteries, which made me crazy about it. The story is set in the suburbs of a town, which seems so calm until they found that there are very very evil people there. I liked it, so i advise it to young people, expecially teens, to read this book if they like suspence
and thrillers
Lolita Maggiano

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“I loved this ebook, it got the taste of an horror ebook, which i absolutely love! I like when characther development leads to knowing everything about them, and it happened while i was reading this. Patrizia got all my sympathy when she was fighting for her life, and i appreciated the circle of suspence that this horror book had. Very nice!”
Lilian Green

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