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Lucia Jordan (Author)

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4.2 out of 5 stars

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A powerful Contemporary Romance. Here is the first book in the ‘Nasty’ Series by Lucia Jordan, written in her signature style of high passion and emotion.

Amber will soon find out what it means to fall in love at first sight. Will she let down the wall she hides behind?

Amber is a no nonsense businesswoman who doesn’t have time for a personal life. But when she returns from a successful business trip, only to grab the wrong luggage from the baggage area, her whole life is turned upside down. The worst part is, Amber’s luggage contains a vital contract that needs to be processed by Monday, so she organizes to meet the man who’s name is on the bag. The only problem is that Jack McCoy lives out on a small island, and with a storm forecast, Amber will be lucky to make it out there in one piece, let alone back again.

The moment Jack opens the door to greet Amber, she freezes, unable to articulate her words as she stares at the sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes on. And when the storm hits early, the pair find themselves trapped together on the island. Now, alone with Jack, Amber will have to face her fears being stranded with a man she can’t seem to take her eyes off. It’s not long before the pair gets hot and bothered, indulging in a steamy island tryst…

Only mature readers should download this book.

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