Nero 5.5 Burning Rom with FREE new VisionExpress & Express (new version is Nero 6 Power Suite, asin: B0001YLLPI)

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Nero Burning ROM has long been heralded as the best all-round CD writing software that is available. This latest incremental release (Nero 5.5 Burning Rom CD Writing Software) adds a gamut of minor enhancements and some significant new features to ensure that it stays ahead of the pack. Where Nero excels is in its advanced feature set, tailored towards those who want to maximise the use of their CD-RW drive. Whether you are looking to overburn CD-Rs so as to squeeze more data on, write to multiple drives simultaneously, create bootable CDs, remove hiss from analogue recordings, utilise Burnproof technology or you need UDF support for packet writing CD-RWs, Nero has a powerful set of tools to help you. It is also the ideal companion for those working with multimedia files. A powerful new audio editor enables you to make CDs the way you want them to sound, with a cross fader for overlapping tracks, and the ability to remove or modify pause lengths between audio tracks. MP3 is well accommodated for, with a Media Player and encoder, though the latter is limited to encoding 30 tracks, before a separate plug-in needs to be purchased. Video creation is also a breeze with an enhanced MPEG1 encoder that supports drag and drop of AVI files to convert to VCD/SVCD format discs. For those with less experience of CD writing, who are likely to be overwhelmed by the vast array of features Nero has to offer, a Wizard system is available to manage the less involved tasks. This makes burning direct copies of CDs a simple matter of following a walkthrough of options. While these wizards have helped to make Nero more accessible, the manual could still do with improving. A CD labelling kit is supplied with the software, along with a small supply of blank labels to get you started. This is accompanied by improvements to the cover editor, which lets you make your own designs for your CDs and cases. Previous Nero users may not find enough new features from version 5 to warrant upgrading, but anyone using an earlier version, or those new to CD writing, should certainly consider getting hold of this excellent all-round package. —J. WestonBurns Data CDs, Audio CDs, Video CDs, Bootable CDs, Multi-session CDs… and more
Works on a huge range of CD writers and rewriters
Comprehensive audio editing software
Design, print and apply your own CD labels, booklets and inlay cards
Nero Media player manages and plays your multimedia files
Ultra-stable, ultra-reliable. Far fewer ruined CD-Rs than any other package
FREE NeroVision Express & Nero Express. See Manufacturer’s Description below for details.

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