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NEW RELEASE – Drive Safe Magnetic iPhone Cable, Lightning Cable, iPhone Charging Cable, iPhone Charger, Power Cable, Magnetic Charging Cable, Magnet Cable, Magnetic Cable, iPhone Cable for Driving, Lightning Cable, iPhone data transfer, Compatible with iPhones 5/ 5c/ 5s/ 6/ 6plus/ 6s/ 7/ 7plus, Take Care Drive Safe

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Fast charging 2.4A, great for driving and the magnets are strong enough to keep it in place. They are specially built to serve the purpose for one hand function. WE WOULD ONLY RECOMMEND THESE FOR DRIVING. The stand out feature of this product is the one hand function which makes it ideal for driving. The purposely built magnets with lesser connection power than normal magnets make the plugging in to charge and unplugging very convenient. It can also be used for data transfer but the magnetic iPhone Car Cable is ideal for safer driving.THE NEW DRIVING LAW – With the new UK driving law this is a must have. Charge your iPhone the safest and easiest way possible with minimal distraction when driving. The Magnetic Force does the work for you so you can stay more focused on when driving. I
LESS DISTRACTION – Reduces distraction when driving because the charger snaps into the connector easily.
ONE HAND USE – The magnet allows it to charge your iPhone using only one hand which makes it ideal for driving. The magnets are purposely built with weaker connection to make plugging and unplugging easier.
MAGNETIC POWER PREVENTS ACCIDENTS – The magnetic connection is not solid which serve its purpose which prevents unwanted accidents such as stumbling over the cable when in charge – thereby also keeping the phone from falling to the ground and causing damage.
EASY INSTALLATION – Very simple and effortless to use! It is like the original Magnetic Charger for Macbook. It is very convenient and easy to use!!

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