[New Release] PChero Lavalier Microphone Mic with TRS Audio Adaptor for iPhone and Android Smartphones, Laptop Macbook Computer, DSLR Camera Lapel Clip

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The Original PChero Lavalier Lapel Clip-on TRRS Omnidirectional Condenser Phone Microphone with DSLR Camera Audio Adaptor is designed for vocal, Audio or video recording which provides clear and accurate experience to the user.

This professional grade microphone is suitable for sound or film recording, youtube streaming, interviews, television, auditorium and classroom setting. Perfect for Product reviews, car drivers.

TRS adaptor is designed to connect microphone to 3.5mm TRS devices, Such as cameras and audio recorders.

Package Included:

1 x Lavalier Microphone
1 x Clip
1 x Wind muff
1 x DSLR microphone adaptor
1 x Deluxe Mic bag

Compatible smartphone brand and model number
1.Most iPhone Models;
2.Most Blackberry Models;
3.Samsung (I9050 ,I509 ,GT-S5670 , I559, I9100 ,I9001, I9008L, S5660, I9108, I8150, I9020, I9023, S5820, I997r, I9250, S5838, SCH-I569, I5508, S5830, GT-S5570, I809, I9103, T959, GT-I9088, I9228, I9003, N7000 ,I9220, I897, I9308, GT-S5360, I9300, I579, P1000, I9100g, SCH-I589, GT-S7508, S6358.);
4.HTC (A510e, Wildfire S, G13, C510e, HTC Wildfire S, A9191 4G, Desire HD, G10, Legend, G6, A7272, Desire Z, X515m, EVO 3D, S510b, MyTouch 4G(Emerald), S710e, Incredible S, G11, MyTouch 3G Slide, Z710t, Sensation, A8180, S510e, G12, Desire S, S710d, Incredible S, G11, X515d, A310e, Z710e(G14), Sensation, Desire, G7, A810e, S610d, A510c, G13, Nexus One G5, Z715e, Sensation XE, G18, T328t, T328w, T328d, S720e, oneX, G21, X315 Sensation XL, hero, G3, Adr6300, Droid Incredible, S720T(One XT).);
5.MOTO: (ME600, A953/ME722, Droid2 Global, ME525/MB525 Defy, ME525+/MB525+ Defy+, XT615, ME865.);
6.HUAWEI (U8650, U8860, S8600, T8830, G330D.);
7.Sony (LT26i);
8.Dell (V04B);
9.LG (LG-P970);
10.TCL (W989);
11.Haier (HW-W910).
Omnidirectional Condenser Clip Microphone. Sensitive sound pickup Mic.
DSLR TRS Adaptor included: Microphone cable comes with TRRS (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve) smartphone jack and metal microphone clip; With the DSLR TRS Adapter, it could connect the microphone to 3.5mm TRS Camera, Audio Recorders for iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, Laptop PC Computers, Macbook Retina & Air.
Designed for vocal, Audio or Video Recording, Perfect for Sound or Film Recording, Youtube Streaming, Interviews, Television, Auditorium and Classroom Setting; Audio Recording of Product reviews, Car Drivers and Microphone for Tourist Guide.
EXTRA-LONG CORD – 4ft (1.2m) longer than almost all comparable microphones. You can hold your phone and simply pass the mic by placing it in the general vicinity of others who are speaking to capture and record their words clearly.
Attention: This microphone doesn’t support video chat, there is no Music output if you plug it into your phone when you are listening Music, but you could hear a call when there is a call coming, then you need to unplug the microphone when you are answering a call since it is NOT a voice amplifier but professional microphone for voice reproduction, such as vocal and video recording. Voice recording only.

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