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Once Upon a Lord


Julia Regan (Author)

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4.4 out of 5 stars



Ivy Hodgson’s
Ivy Hodgson’s elder sister, Rose, is married to the local clergyman; her younger sister, Lily, is wed to a soldier. In a desperate attempt to secure their home, Ivy’s parents decide she must be married to a wealthy suitor. She is promised to Lord EsmondLetham, a recently widowed older man interested in a young wife who will give him an heir. Reluctantly, Ivy consents and soon becomes Lady of Wisteria Castle, where she finds herself locked in a loveless marriage to a cruel, unfeeling husband.

Graham Banbury

Her world becomes ever darker when tragedy strikes, and she is faced with losing everything. Her fate rests with one man: Graham Banbury, Lord Esmond’s nephew and closer in age to Ivy, has come to claim what is his by law. Suspecting Ivy of misdeeds against his uncle, Graham is ready to turn her out – but will Ivy’s charms turn his misgivings into love?

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