Our Survival: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Grid Down Book 1)

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Roy and Josie are a survivalist couple and parents to ten year old daughter, Alex, when the EMP knocks down the entire power grid and sends America back to the Stone Ages in an instant.

Well stockpiled and supplied on their homestead in the countryside, the family seems ready and well-prepared to outlast the aftermath of the EMP attack.

But things change during a home invasion that results in Roy shooting one of the intruders, the brother to the leader of an armed and dangerous ex-prison gang scavenging for supplies and preying on the innocent.

Vowing revenge and in desperate need of the family’s stockpile, the gang prepares to launch a coordinated attack on the homestead.

Suddenly, Roy, Josie, and Alex are faced with a critical decision: do they leave their home and abandon their stockpile with it, or do they stay as a family and defend what’s theirs?

Our Survival is the first entry in The Grid Down Series, a thrilling post-apocalyptic episodic series full of action and suspense as Roy, Josie, and Alex struggle to survive following a harrowing EMP attack.

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