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“Loved this gripping book. Well-written and the characters are very real seeming. What happens when you return to your first love? You’ll enjoy finding out in this page-turning women’s fiction.” Beth Boyd

Will going back to a past love end up destroying everything?
When Liv Callaghan inherits her grandmother’s cottage in Cork, Ireland, it offers escape from London and her marriage to her alcoholic husband Douglas. She travels back to the beautiful place where she spent idyllic childhood summer holidays. She learns to enjoy the challenge of living in the rustic cottage, which is without electricity or running water. But looming over her is a family secret that curtailed the summer visits of her youth.

Unexpectedly she meets her first love, Aidan. But he’s married now and lives locally with his family. Twenty years ago he broke her heart, so what happens when they get the chance to rekindle their relationship? Can you ever go back and what are the consequences for those close to you?

This is a wonderfully engaging novel of love, family, learning about yourself and your past, and finding independence.

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