Raised Vegetable Beds in the Organic Garden: This book is free download on raisedbeds.net

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This e-book is FREE download on raisedbeds.net
Do you want to grow your own healthy organic vegetables at home?
Are you interested in a healthier lifestyle?
Would you like to improve your mental and physical health in a relaxing and fun way?
Would you like to save money and reduce CO2 emissions?

If you answered yes to the above questions then growing your own organic fruit, herbs and vegetables in raised beds is for you.

The Raised Vegetable Beds in the Organic Garden will help you build your own raised vegetable beds .

The author is also on hand to guide you through any problems you might encounter on your journey to grow delicious home grown vegetables

The book guides you through the seasons and advises you on the best practices to get the most from even the smallest plot.

Raised Vegetable Beds for the Organic Garden has 75 pages of simple instructional text and 80 images to help create you build a vegetable bed in any shape or size.

What else will Raised Vegetable Bed Handbook give me?
You will find out cheap and simple ways to build your own raised beds quickly but still last you for years to come
The book will help you source the right materials for your raised vegetable beds
Learn how to cope with garden pests the organic way
Find the right fruit, herbs and vegetables for your garden
Learn the basics of composting and feeding the soil.
There’s no gardening experience needed and no reason why you cannot be eating your own home grown salad crop within three weeks of making the beds.

After purchasing, e-mail the author, Ian, on info@gardening.ie and request your FREE Klaus Laitenberger’s Sowing and Planting Dates PDF.

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