Romanian for Holiday Makers: The Ultimate EASY TO FOLLOW Beginners’ Guide On How To Speak Romanian *With FREE Audio Download*

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Romanian For Holiday Makers

Going on holiday to Romania? Then this book will be your perfect language guide!

This book will teach you the most essential phrases you will need to know whilst on holiday!

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Not Another Boring Romanian Phrase Book!

Unlike most ‘How to speak Romanian’ books, this book has been written for you in a story format.

Why story format?

Because scientific studies show that we learn up to twice as quickly through reading stories.

As you flick through the pages you will follow Jane and Daniel as they travel to Romania for the very first time, unable to speak a word of Romanian. Each day they encounter a new situation where they need to learn new Romanian phrases. The exciting and entertaining story will keep you engaged right until the end by which time you will have learned everything that you need to know to experience the joy of being able to communicate in a new language.

Imagine yourself walking into a restaurant and being able to book a table in Romanian, request a menu, order some wine or beer and ask for the bill!

Or, being able to purchase two return train tickets, book yourself into your hotel, ask directions … the list goes on. Knowing these essential holiday phrases will help you connect with the locals on a completely new level, not to mention how it will impress your friends and family.

At the back of the book you will find a really handy reference section. Simply turn to the page that relates to your situation, whether it’s in a shop, in the hotel, at the bar or any other situation you are most likely to find yourself in.

What You Will Learn

•How to introduce yourself and others
•How to say Hello at different times of the day
•How to say Goodbye
•How to order a taxi
•How to check in into a hotel
•How to order food and drinks
•How to ask for the bill
•How to ask how much something costs
•How to ask for directions
•How to use public transport, including buying tickets
•How to hire a car
•How to exchange money at the bank
•How to ask for help
•How to ask for the pharmacy and hospital
•30 useful phrases in Romanian
•And many more

About The Author

Born in Romania, Ramona has been teaching languages, translating and interpreting since (what feels like) forever. Through her language skills, she has supported thousands of people in their quest to integrate in the UK or simply enjoy a lovely holiday in Romania, by ensuring that they could communicate more effectively in English, Romanian and Spanish.

Now, with this ‘Romanian for Holiday Makers’ Kindle Book and accompanying FREE audio download you will be able to learn everything you need to know whilst reading and listening from the comfort of your own home, plane seat or deck chair.

Download Your Copy And Start Speaking Romanian Now.

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