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Room 13

Author : Edgar Wallace

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Ratings : 4.0 out of 5 stars

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Few Words About The Book

Room 13

Recently released from prison, John Gray visits his old friend Peter Kane. Although it is the day of his daughter’s wedding, Kane agrees to an audience with Emanuel Legg, the criminal and cop-killer with whom he has some business. Gray wanders into the garden and a tornado of fury sweeps through him. The debonair Major Floyd, the new husband to whom Kane has entrusted his precious daughter, is a fraudster of the most sinister kind.



This introduces the rather enigmatic Mr Reeder. The plot revolves around a young woman blackmailed into a marriage with someone intent on using her to destroy her father who has an extremely dodgy past. Also along for the ride are the ex-con who genuinely loves her and of course, Mr Reeder.

Again, this is an enjoyable pulp novel. Characterisation isn’t fantastic but serves its purpose. There are plenty of twists and the book moves at a fast pace. An enjoyable read, if you like this kind of thing.

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