Seafood Cookbook : 50 Most Delicious of Seafood Recipes (Seafood Cookbook, Seafood Recipes, Seafood Cook, Seafood Cooking, Healthy Seafood Recipes, Seafood Cookbooks For Beginners, Seafood Meals)

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Seafood Cookbook

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If you are anything like most home cooks, the idea of preparing fresh seafood in your home kitchen is a little intimidating at best, and terrifying at worst. Many seafood dishes require more skill and preparation than meals based around simpler proteins, like beef, poultry or pork, often because the seafood itself requires shelling, deveining, removing scales and skin, and more.
The sea provides so many natural sources of mouthwatering and extremely healthy food, it is a mistake to avoid preparing seafood dishes merely because they are unfamiliar or seem to difficult. This collection of 50 seafood recipes specializes in presenting recipes that require fewer ingredients and prep time, and provide maximum health benefits. These recipes attempt to simplify the confusing and complicated recipes that often include seafood items, so you can focus on the delicious and inspired flavors that these foods provide.
Because there are so many different protein options in your grocer’s seafood counter, we have collected recipes featuring a wide array of options, including many varieties of fish and shellfish (including shrimp, scallops, lobster, crab and mussels). No matter what your favorite seafood item is, you will find recipes in this collection that will guide you towards preparing tasty versions in your own kitchen.
Seafood options are great for parties and get together, either as the main entrée or as an option for those who prefer the taste of fresh seafood, or for those whose diets require they not consume meet. Pesco-Vegetarianism, a way of eating that has become popular in recent years, permits the vegetarian to consume fish and seafood while maintaining a mainly plant-based diet. This way of eating provides the vegetarian with more flexibility than a diet consisting solely of vegetables , legumes and grains, and can help provide essential nutrients like protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

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