Seal Books For Kids : 50 Most Secret Never To Know With Seal (Seal Books For Kids, Seal Books, Seal Books For Free, Seal, Seal Books, Seal For Kids, Seal Fun Fact)

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Seal Books For Kids

Seal Books For Kids : 50 Most Secret Never To Know With Seal (Seal Books For Kids, Seal Books, Seal Books For Free, Seal, Seal Books, Seal For Kids, Seal Fun Fact)

Seals really are some of the most fascinating creatures that are found on earth. They’re fat, they’re soft and squishy, they’re kind of cuddly in appearance, and if you’ve ever been to a sea world show, they can bark like dogs and they know a lot of interesting tricks that are used to entertain the audience. Really though, there are several different kinds of species of seals that are found on earth that include fur seals, sea lions, and the normal everyday common seals that we tend to think of In fact, there are currently 33 known species of seals found on Earth. Amazingly, despite living in the ocean and often times arctic conditions they are warm blooded mammals that breathe air. They just happen to live in, or around, the water most of their lives. The reason for their semi aquatic lifestyle is helped by the fact that seals have a nice layer of fat on them that’s generally called blubber. This blubber is beneath the skin, and helps them stay nice and warm in the near freezing water.
Don’t let their cute and cuddliness fool you though! They are very ferocious hunters, and considered one of the premiere carnivore species found in the Antarctic regions. They tend to feed on fish, squid, shellfish, birds, and in some species even other seals and penguins. Yikes!
The amazing thing about them though is just how they live in nearly freezing, in hospital places around the world. In fact, they on average live to be about 25, to 30 years old, and they live predominately in the frozen waters of their home. In fact, the only time they come ashore is to mate, give birth, molt their fur and grow a new fur coat, and to escape the predators that hunt even them down that include Orca Whales, and various species of Sharks.
That’s just a small sampling of the information you’ll find within this book as well. Not only is this book perfect for anyone who considers themselves a lover of seals, but also perfect for those who love animals and the natural world in general. In fact, it’s full of more tidbits and information that you’ll find on seals. Not only will you learn about all the facts that have been mentioned above, but even more information inside. All about how they live, how they grow up, where they learn to hunt, how they instinctively know where to go. The environment they live in, the other animals that inhabit the world that surrounds them in their ecosystem, how they fit in as both predator and prey, and just generally getting to know the animals a little bit better.
So whether you’re a marine biologist, a young child who loves animals, someone who loves the sea, or just have a passing interest in these wonderful animals I believe you’ll find that this book is the perfect complement to any e-library.

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