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Secrets and Revelations

Author : Diane Greenwood Muir

Price : Free

Ratings : 4.9 out of 5 stars

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Few words About the book

During May 2016, the Bellingwood Boxed Set (Book 1-3)  for Kindle is also available for only 99 cents. It’s a great way to start the series. Join thousands of readers who have fallen in love with the residents of Bellingwood.

Bellingwood Days are nearly here. The quilt show has relocated to Sycamore House and the woman in charge offends everyone she encounters. Polly Giller’s protective instincts are aroused when the woman verbally attacks a group of boys from Chicago and then confronts a girl who is rough on the outside but exposes her tender heart in the presence of Polly’s four Percheron horses.

Polly’s life is never dull. She plays in the community band, and is on the committee to select finalists for the Literary Competition. When Polly discovers another body, Sheriff Aaron Merritt wonders if he should put her on the payroll.

Henry Sturtz is the first person Polly turns to when she receives a strange email from Ruth Ann Marshall. Her claim that she knew Barbara & Everett Giller when Polly was a baby, ignites fear and trepidation, since Polly had never heard of the woman, nor seen a trace of her in their home. All of a sudden, Polly’s idyllic childhood seems murky and she questions the wonderful relationship she had with her dad.

The friends you’ve grown to know and love all return and new friends are introduced as Polly’s relationship with Bellingwood grows. Join her as secrets are uncovered and revealed.

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