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Signs for Lost Children

Author : Sarah Moss

Price : £8.99

Ratings : 4.9 out of 5 stars

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Few Words About The Book

Only weeks into their marriage a young couple embark on a six-month period of separation. Tom Cavendish goes to Japan to build lighthouses and his wife Ally, Doctor Moberley-Cavendish, stays and works at the Truro asylum. As Ally plunges into the institutional politics of mental health, Tom navigates the social and professional nuances of late 19th century Japan. With her unique blend of emotional insight and intellectual profundity, Sarah Moss builds a novel in two parts from Falmouth to Tokyo, two maps of absence; from Manchester to Kyoto, two distinct but conjoined portraits of loneliness and determination. An exquisite continuation of the story of Bodies of Light, Signs for Lost Children will amaze Sarah Moss’s many fans.

Customer Reviews

This was the second Sarah Moss book that I’ve read and, again, I really enjoyed it. Written about Ally, one of the early pioneers of female doctors, in the early months of her practise in an asylum and also the early stages of her marriage to Tom. Tom is away travelling for his job in Japan whilst Ally lives in Cornwall and starts working in an asylum. The book is written with a chapter about Tom’s adventures in Japan followed by the next chapter written about Ally’s adventures. I have to say that I really enjoyed ‘Ally’s chapters’ but it took me a little while longer to appreciate Tom’s experiences which were much more descriptive and perhaps verbose rather than Ally’s which were to the point. I enjoyed the book; it moved quickly, was interesting, thought provoking and definitely makes me want to read more. The book finishes with things set up for a sequel


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