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Smash: A Stepbrother MMA Romance

Author : B. B. Hamel

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He’s my stepbrother, my husband, and my dirty little secret.

It all started with a mistake.

He was a stranger back then. Arrogant, cocky, and sexy as hell, I couldn’t resist falling into his orbit. And then one night, we made the dumbest decision of our lives.

We got married. We thought it was just a game but we were oh-so-wrong.

Cole Redson is an MMA fighter. His whole life is fast and hard, violent and dirty. He’s the complete opposite of me, and everything I shouldn’t want.

I never thought I’d see him after that. But when our high powered CEO parents get hitched, suddenly we’re stuck living in the same house.

He’s my stepbrother and my husband. He’s my dirty little secret sleeping in the room next door.

Then again, secrets never stay hidden for long.

When I find pictures of Cole kissing me tucked under my pillow, I’m thrown into a world of blackmail and excitement like I’ve never known before. Meanwhile, I’m trying to balance Cole’s filthy comments and his toe-curling hot body with my need to finally get divorced.

The stakes are huge. Our parents’ careers are on the line, not to mention Cole’s whole life as a fighter. I’m stuck between a marriage I don’t want and my stepbrother’s rock hard abs, trying to stop the truth from coming out.

Smash is heart-thumping violent, shiver-inducing sexy, and features a hero with a filthy mouth. It’s only recommended for audiences 18+.

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 Book Review – Smash –

I am an independent reviewer. This is a standalone novel and ends with an HEA. A drunk one night stand on vacation leads to a quickie wedding. Alexa didn’t realize what she did and spends a year looking for her husband, trying to get a divorce. Fate intervenes when Cole turns out to be her new step brother.

I thought it was hilarious how Cole loved to mess with Alexa, but I wasn’t a huge fane of Alexa playing hard to get all of the time. The blackmail twist kept the story going and the false leads kept the characters together. The MMA setting was emphasized well. Cole really shined in that surrounding. Alexa kept asking for a divorce all of the time, even after a romantic moment with Cole, which would just be kind of inexplicable and annoying.

This story is appropriate for an adult audience. I am giving this story 4 stars. The story and setting was good. Cole was awesome, but Alexa wasn’t 100% likable.

Verified Purchase

And again this author can write!! I loved every bit of this story to the point of cringing whenever I had to put it down to work. Every aspect of this story flowed WONDERFULLY!! The romance didn’t outshine the suspense of the story & vise versa! I also was happy to find out that it ended happily for more than just the 2 major characters. I will admit that the suspense of the story really kept me on my toes.

Step sibling reading really intrigues me, they go against society’s rules!! Yea!!

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