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Stretching the Dollar

Stretching the Dollar: Discover The Secrets Of Spending With Less

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Claudia Park (Author)

Would you like to get out of debt? Would you like to make your payday actually last?

This book can help.

Learn what type of spender you are and what sort you should be to get there. With helpful tips, worksheets and different methods so you can find something that really works for you.

Aimed at families or individuals who just need a little advice to get their finances in line. Once you start following these methods you’ll realize just how easy it is to stretch your pay cheque and get all the things you need.

Some of the tips for understanding your budget aren’t easy, but anything worth having rarely is. Which is why this book is a gem, with information you can really use. As a reader, you’ll find out about saving money and spending it. Many savings books will tell you DON’T spend, but life would be boring without a little fun. This book helps you get the fun and the financial straight.

It’s going to mean discipline, willpower, and perseverance. But by downloading this book, your financial life will change. You’ll discover the benefits of a stable future, you can build now, not some future dream.

Stretching the Dollar will help you figure out how to make more money, how to be in better control of your finances and will pay for itself every time you use the information here.

Here is what you will learn from this book:

– What Type of Spender You are
– Different Budgeting Methods
– The Difference Between Needs and Wants
– How to Calculate Income and Expenses

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