Teach Me How To Love 2

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Growing up sheltered by her mom all her life has definitely put Divine at a disadvantage when she leaves home for college. Two months after arriving on campus, she suffers one of the most horrific events of her entire life. Even though she needs support more than anything, she refuses to open up and let anyone know what happened to her for fear her attackers will return. Will she finally talk about what happened and get some help or is she doomed to suffer alone?

Renee misses her daughter more than anything, but Divine refuses to come home. Will Renee take matters into her own hands and go look for her daughter? Will she finally cut the apron strings and allow her child to do her own thing? Will she be able to help Divine get through this tragedy?

Will Treyvon get the revenge he so desperately seeks? Will Princess finally be free of Rydell? Find out what happens on the finale of Teach me How to Love…

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