The Bright Red Businessman: An gripping crime thriller (Commander Shaw Book 10)

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It all started with the first report from a Huntingdonshire village of Fenstanton. A heavy night of rainfall had followed a sustained period of drought when a cowman noticed a strange consistency to the rainwater. It was glue-like. The interesting consistency was dubbed “elastic-water” by the media.

Commader Shaw was an ex-navy commander, and used to work for the Defence Intelligence before resigning. Following a bout of boozing and womanizing, he was asked to join the outfit, 6D2 … his record, with the exception of his recent shenanigans, was impeccable.

Commander Shaw is on the way back from business in Towcester when gunfire just outside Brackley causes him to stop and investigate. The discovery of a badly-beaten man, suffocating within the plastic bag he was wrapped him, greets Commander Shaw. But the speed at which the man had been enfolded left Shaw wondering. But not for long … elastic water was back, and it had taken the life of a Home Office specialist … and not just any specialist, but the one the ex-Naval Intelligence office was assigned to.

Frank William Connolly preferred to work alone … which didn’t bode well with the investigation given he was now dead and all the information he had on elastic water had gone with him. So launches a full investigation, which takes the team on a series of events, which include the Bright Red Businessmen themselves…

Philip Mccutchan has been writing since 1956. He was in the British Navy during World War II, and finished as a lieutenant, having served in destroyers, aircraft carriers, cruisers, a battleship, a battlecruiser, an armed trawler and an ocean boarding vessel. For three years after the war he sailed in Orient Liners on the Australian run and then for a time became an assistant master in a preparatory school.
Married, with two children, he has been a full-time author since 1960, and is a past Chairman of the Crime Writers’ Association, founded by John Creasey. His books are published in England, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden as well as in the United States. He is also the author of a number of sound radio scripts broadcast by the B.B.C. and overseas stations.

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