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The Ghost Ship Hotel: Book 1 of 3 The Ghost Ship Tales (The Ghost Ship Tales)

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Title: The Ghost Ship Hotel: Book 1 of 3 The Ghost Ship Tales (The Ghost Ship Tales)
Author: Aline Riva
Price: FREE
Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars(7)

The Grand Ship Hotel has sat on the hilltop overlooking the sea for more than eighty years and through the course of time has collected a fair share of ghosts after tragedies have occurred, including a double suicide, a shooting and a car accident.

The Grand Ship, now known as the Ghost Ship for its eerie appearance when shrouded in sea mist, was a dream made reality created by the late Raymond Dust, a man who loved his elegant hotel so much he vowed even death would not persuade him to leave… And so he stayed on to haunt the place, along with his lover and other ghosts who met their end in the ocean-liner shaped building.

Then Jason Blaze, a celebrity psychic, decides to conduct an investigation of the landmark hotel, along with his close friend Vic who runs a paranormal magazine, and their new photographer Sherry Clover, who quickly becomes involved with Jason, the blind medium who can see spirits…

But what will be uncovered at the Grand Ship will not only prove that life exists after death, but also that the veil between the two worlds is thin, as lies are uncovered and a long-hidden secret is revealed that will change the lives of the ghost hunters forever as they learn the truth, as the mystery of the haunted Grand Ship Hotel is finally revealed… This story continues in the sequel, The Spirit Box.



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