The Reunion: An utterly gripping psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist

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They were all there the day your sister went missing…
Who is lying? Who is next?

THEN – In charge of her little sister at the beach, Claire allowed Eleanor to walk to the shop alone to buy an ice cream. Placing a coin into her hand, Claire told her to be quick, knowing how much she wanted the freedom.

Eleanor never came back.

NOW – The time has finally come to sell the family farm and Claire is organising a reunion of her dearest friends, the same friends who were present the day her sister went missing.

When another girl disappears, long-buried secrets begin to surface. One of the group hides the darkest secret of them all…

If you love Sue Fortin, Gillian Flynn and The Girl on the Train, this psychological thriller packed full of twists and turns will be impossible to put down.

What readers are saying about Samantha Hayes:

‘Soooooooooooooo worth a read! WOW. Gob-smacked! Absolutely fantastic!’ Cusaklover, 5 stars

‘This clever thriller is utterly brilliant and you’ll race through to the shocking ending. Warning – it’s a sleep-stealer!Closer, 5 stars

Wow, wow and wow again. This was definitely the best read of the year.’ Pipsqueak, 5 stars

‘Just when you think you’ve figured things out, watch out for the twist!Cosmopolitan, 5 stars

Wow! What a stunning book. This book really knocked the stuffing out of me. One of the best psychological suspense books I’ve ever read.’ Kimberly 1, 5 stars

‘I carried this around until the last, horrifying, sentence; thought about it all for an hour or so, and went happily right back to the beginning and read it again!’ Katherine Kirby, 5 stars

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