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The Thriller Book Killer: Murder: The ultimate publicity stunt

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Tagged “The Thriller Book Killer” by a group of amateur cyber sleuths, they track the serial killer via obituaries as he makes his way across the country, leaving female authors gruesomely murdered in his wake. Indeed, he has mastered the ultimate publicity stunt to catapult authors of thriller novels out of e-book obscurity and onto bestseller book lists. All that’s required is to bring the writer’s killer to life then murder the author exactly as described in her book. When the media learns the murder details, (which he supplies) the author’s book rockets to bestseller status overnight. SynDee Unser, a sexy single author, dreams of becoming a bestselling author. Nannette, her editor and best friend, believes the third thriller book she’s working on, entitled “The Cupcake Monster,” could be the one to garner the extensive fan base SynDee craves. Unfortunately, SynDee fits “The Thriller Book Killer’s” victim profile. Perfectly. Perhaps, too perfectly. Worse yet, evidence is stacking up that killer is likely someone close to her. Will SynDee identify the real “Thriller Book Killer” before she becomes another of his bestselling authors?

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