The Ultimate Guide to Kindle Audio Books:Where to Find Audio Books, and How to Listen to Them! (Links Included)

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Are you new to Kindle, and don’t know where to start?
Are you ready to become more knowledgeable about Kindle audio books in general?
Last but not least, are you ready to spend absolutely nothing and still enjoy a plethora of audio material? I’ve even included the hyperlinks!
My name is Thomas Gunther, but most of my friends call me Tech Tom. They call me this because, simply, I’m the nerdy tech guy. I’m the guy that can fix your Microsoft Word if it bugs out and crashes, the guy that can direct you toward the best and most convenient apps for your smart-phone, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, in this case, I’m the guy that is eager and willing to show you how to get the most out of your Kindle.
This quick and easy-to-read tutorial covers a number of topics. Some of the information is basic, like how you can listen to a Kindle audio book and simple instructions for Kindle Amazon purchasing. Other topics are more in depth, like:
1. Whispersync – what it is and how to use it! 2. Where to find Audible channels for Prime members! 3. The Best Hidden Secret for free audio book material! 4. A plethora of the best paid and free audio book websites! 5. Information about the overdrive app for Kindle Fire. 6. How to download library books to my Kindle. 7. And even an award winning lists of books that I, and many others, have personally enjoyed.
What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the free and discounted audio books today!

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