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Total Victim Theory

Author : Ian Ballard

Price : Free

Ratings : 4.3 out of 5 stars ( 21 customer reviews )

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Few words About This Book

Six months have passed since a faded, black ledger mysteriously appeared on FBI Agent Jake Radley’s doorstep. Puzzling over the document’s sinister entries, Jake pieces together a story of mass murder near the Texas-Mexico border two decades before. If Jake’s theory is correct, the names listed on the ledger’s final page are the victims of a previously unknown serial killer. Leads are scarce until a gruesome new crime scene, deep in the Mexican desert, shows a chilling connection to the border deaths of long ago.


Customer Who Purchased 

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I really couldn’t put it down, I have a very boring job and spent most of the last two days reading it work, then coming home and ignoring my boyfriend so I could keep reading it!
There are so many layers to the plot and even though the chapters skip between time (and I never read chapter titles) you could always tell which part of the story it was.
There are twists right up to the end so even when you have worked out the killer there’s still lots more going on. At no point did it feel like the tension lulled like some books can.
This is a great read both for fans of the genre (sometimes they can feel repetitive but this book felt like something fresh and different) and people who are just getting into crime/thriller novels.

Verified Purchase

Got this as a free download. Not one I would have bought but began reading and although the crimes against the person are a bit
in detail they are not overboard for the plot-line. It is well written and for the most part kept me guessing but by the end I had picked up on a few clues, which is I believe the plan. The twist at the end was good but the last part left me wondering again probably the plan. if you want a crime thriller with a psychological under tones then give this ago but be prepared to hang on in through the bits that seem to drag it out a bit. All in all I am glad I enjoyed it but not a book I would go back to and read again I would however giver the author another go.
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