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Wild Secret, Wild Longing: A Sweet Historical Western Romance Novella (The Front Range Series Book 3)


Charlene Whitman (Author)

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4.4 out of 5 stars

A new story of love and danger in The Front Range Series set in Colorado 1876. A historical Western romance that will get your heart racing …

LeRoy Banks has no time for love or romance—he’s busy breaking in horses at Whitcomb’s ranch. But on the afternoon of his brother’s wedding, a grizzly attacks the herd of horses, and though Whitcomb’s ranch hands shoot him, the bear lumbers off, injured and enraged. LeRoy, the only competent tracker around, heads out into the Rockies after the bear before it kills again. But not before his ma, a Cheyenne medicine woman, gives him a warning. The mountain holds secrets, she tells him, and LeRoy must not be afraid of what he’ll find. Unsettled by her puzzling words, he sets out, unaware of the dangers he is about to face—not just to his life but to his heart.

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