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Yoga : 20 Easy Beginner Yoga Poses

Mike C. Adams (Author)

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4.2 out of 5 stars

Do you want to try yoga as a form of exercise? In the book Yoga Steps for Beginners you will have a wonderful introduction to the basic steps of beginners’ yoga. Yoga is the perfect way to bring flexibility, tone, and balance to the body. It is not an “easy” exercise, but rather an art that uses different poses and stretches to bring about the desired physical effects. Yoga is a means of fine tuning the body to be able to both relax and work in accordance with giving you a good physical work out. Yoga can be a great work out alone or it can be part of a good physical fitness program and used in combination with other exercise methods.

Yoga offers a means of exercise combined with relaxation in order to tone and train the body. While yoga workouts do not consist of jumping around, cardio work outs it does consist of moving and pushing the muscles to build mass and strength. The side benefit is the super flexibility that comes from being a seasoned yoga expert. Even if you’ve never practiced yoga before you will find the poses are beneficial. They are a perfect physical fitness routine and it can be combined great with other physical activities.

In Yoga Steps for Beginners you will be introduced to twenty easy yoga steps and poses. These steps, though for beginners, do require some work. You will need a good mat and about half an hour of time in order to begin your yoga routine. You will be glad you took the time, once you learn the poses. You will see changes in your body as you become stronger, flexible, and balanced. Yoga is a good addition to any healthy lifestyle, especially when combined with a healthy diet.


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